Why Orange Logistics


ORANGE CHEM LOGISTICS' target is to optimize logistics performance, particularly for the Chemical Industry. Based on the geographical location of Greece, the large chemical market in the mainland area and a state of the art infrastructure, we have developed a Supply Chain Strategy of “One-Stop-Shop”.

ORANGE CHEM LOGISTICS is providing Supply Chain Solutions in major international chemical companies, covering their needs in the East European and Mediterranean Countries.

As an outsource, our task is to contribute at the improvement of the operational performance of our clients, to increase flexibility and responsiveness and finally boost their business success.

One of our main concerns remains always the fulfillment of EU and International Laws on handling chemical products.


Our main advantages are:

• Great experience and knowhow of the products

• Infrastructure for value added services (formulation, blending, mixing, packaging, Seed Treatment, etc)

• Near access to railway network, Piraeus, Stylida and Thessaloniki Ports

• Flexibility on fulfillment of any special customer’s need

• Compliance with any Health, Security and Environmental Specifications